What IS Triple ARROW? 

Triple Arrow Lacrosse Camps are England Lacrosse’s Official Camp, created, administered and regulated by the National Governing Body.

Triple Arrow brings together girls from as young as 10 years old to fun, friendly and thriving environments to be inspired by some of the top Lacrosse coaches in the country including many current and ex National Team players.

Our aim is to ensure every child finishes their camp experience having developed as a Lacrosse player and can pride themselves in their progression.
With dedicated group leads, coaches will have ample time to get to know the players and identify personal focus areas - each girl who attends a Triple Arrow Camp will leave with an individual feedback report noting girls highlight moments and action plans for them to work on.

Learn and improve

Learning a sport for the first time can be an exciting, yet challenging experience, but through our team of experienced England Lacrosse qualified coaches with years of international playing and coaching experience, we ensure each and every camper learns all the skills to succeed.

Triple Arrow Camps are open to girls aged 10-16 years of any ability; whether it will be the first time holding a lacrosse stick or a player who regularly plays in their schools 1st team.
With an inclusive curriculum and specialist coaches working with targeted aged groups, each camper will have the opportunity to learn, improve and push themselves to be the best Lacrosse player they can be.


Perform+ Triple Arrow Camps are a new introduction for the 2019 programme and will provide an extended insight to the training requirements and considerations to be a National Level Athlete.

Open to girls aged 13 and above, Perform+ camps will feature an exclusive curriculum which underpins that of the Regional and National academy systems, in addition to practical sessions campers will also experience workshops on supporting areas of performance such as Strength and Conditioning, Nutrition and recovery.