frequently asked questions.

Bookings & Amendments

Can my child share a room with their friends?
The accommodation at each venue is configured differently with some venues offering single only dorms and others with twins and quad dorms.
Rooming requests can be submitted during the registration and booking process and the Camp Coordinator will ensure where possible these requests are granted.

How do I find the dates and prices of the camps?
The dates for each of the camps can be found under the ‘Camps’ Section - accessible via the Header on each page.
Prices for Camps are as follows;
Day - £300
Residential - £380
Summer (4-Day):
Day - £330
Residential - £400
Summer (3-Day):
Day - £250
Residential - £300

Do you offer group discounts?
Yes, our group discount offer applies to groups of 5 children or more attending the same camp.
For more information and promotional codes please email Kerrie Lawler:

Do you accept Childcare Vouchers?
No, Triple Arrow Camps are not an OFSTED registered
programme and therefore can not accept Childcare

How do I book on to a camp?
Registration and booking for camps is an online process, completed via the England Lacrosse Shop.
Select ‘Book Now’ button visible on the top right of each page will direct you to the shop which lists each camp.
Please Note: The option to select either Day Camper or Residential Camper will appear once you have inputted the DOB and Gender of the camper.

Can I make changes to information submitted on the booking form?
If there are any changes to details submitted on the booking form such as Medical Information, Rooming Requests please email these directly to Kerrie Lawler:

What is the cancellation policy?
Any cancellations made more than a month prior to the selected camp starting will be subject to a £25 cancellation fee.
Cancellations within a month prior to camp are subject to a £100 cancellation fee.
Cancellations within a week prior to camp starting are

How can I tell if a camp still has places?
Each camp has a maximum number of places, in splits of
residential and day places. Camp booking forms will no
longer take bookings for places if the capacity has been
Updates will be posted within the news section if camps are
fully booked.
Waiting lists will be in operation, to be added to a waiting
list please email Kerrie Lawler:

What Happens on Camp?

Do campers go swimming?
Each host Venue has different facilities which camps can access as part of the camp booking. We try to accommodate a Swimming session at each venue where possible (often as part of the Residential Evening Activity).
Confirmation and details will be included in the Pre-Camp Information Packs.

Are the campers always supervised?
Yes, Triple Arrow Coaches are always onsite and supervising the campers. We employ coaches on a minimum of a 1:12 ratio, however where possible camps operate on a 1:9 ratio.
Each evening, allocated coaches will be ‘on duty’ and will be responsible for the pastoral care of the campers during evening hours.

How can I contact my child?
Mobile phones are allowed on site, however these are at the risk of the camper/parent.
Any communication is requested to take place at lunch breaks or during the evening down time.
Should an emergency situation arise, please contact England Lacrosse Head Office, 0161 974 7757 who will contact the camp staff directly and advise the camper to contact yourself.

What happens if my child gets ill or injured?
Any illness or injuries on site, during camp will be assessed by the dedicated first aid lead on site.
Parents/Guardians will be contacted and updated if the situation permits, including hospital visits.
If a day camper becomes unwell overnight, please contact England Lacrosse Head Office: 0161 974 7757 who can then report the absence to the camp staff.

Can I watch my child at Camp?
On the Final Day of camp, parents/guardians and other family members are invited to come and watch campers participate in a camp tournament. Timings will be confirmed within Pre-Camp Information packs.

Can my child bring their iPad?
Campers are able to bring any personal possessions they require, however these are at the risk of the Camper/Parent. We do request that any electrical items are stored safely in rooms during camp activity hours and not used excessively.
In the instance that any items/personal belongings are lost please report this to group leads or the head coach as soon as possible.

What do Campers need to bring with them?
A comprehensive kit list is available to download from
the ‘Useful Documents’ Section.
All Parents/Guardians will also receive a Pre-Camp Information Pack in the weeks prior to camp starting which will outline all the required information.
Please note: Bedding for all residential campers is provided by the host venue.

Is food & drink provided?
Day Campers will receive Lunch for each day they attend camp.
Residential Campers will receive Breakfast, Lunch and
Dinner for the duration they are at camp. In addition, evening
tuck shops are ran for the campers.

All Campers will have have frequent refreshment breaks,
we do recommend each camper brings a refillable water
bottle which can been topped up during the day.

Will my child be grouped with friends?
Triple Arrow Camps aim to ensure girls have an enjoyable
experience whilst developing their Lacrosse skills, information
submitted on the registration forms will be used to group the
campers - this will be changed over the week if girls
demonstrate a need to move groups.
If campers are not happy with their groupings, the head coach
will review this and ensure the camper is accommodated in a
suitable group.

What time can I drop off and collect my child?
Day Campers
Registration on Day 1 for Day Campers will take place at
9:30am-9:45am. For the remaining days drop off and morning
registration will take place at 9:00am for a 9:15am start.
Collection will be at 5:00pm on each day, with the exception
of the final day, where camp will finish at 4:00pm.
Residential Campers
Registration on Day 1 for residential campers will take place
between 9:15am and 9:45am, camp finishes at 4:00pm on the
final day (unless stated otherwise).

Safety, Security & Health

My child has a food allergy, can this be managed?
Any dietary/medical requirements can be submitted within the camp registration and booking process. All of these requirements are submitted to the relevant individuals (Head Coaches, Venue Staff and Catering Teams) in advance of the camp who will manage the requirements.
Catering teams work onsite throughout the year and are fully equipped to manage any requirements.

It is a requirement that any camper who attends Triple Arrow Camps is registered with England Lacrosse. Girls who are not already registered for playing purposes (regional academy, county etc) through the season will be required to pay a £5 fee in addition to camp booking which ensures they are covered by England Lacrosse’s comprehensive insurance package.

What is your safeguarding policy?
Safeguarding is vital to the running of Triple Arrow Camps and the assurance of the well being of all campers. Triple Arrow Camps have a specific safeguarding policy, created in conjunction with England Lacrosse’s Safeguarding consultant. The policy outlines requirements to ensure each camper is in a safe environment for the duration of time on camp.

Are the coaches first aid trained?
All coaches meet the minimum standard of first aid training, as per the employment conditions for coaching staff. Each camp will also have a designated first aid lead who is qualified beyond the minimum standard, who will be the point of contact for all injuries and illnesses on camp.

What are the camps policies on bullying, Child protection and behaviour management?
Triple Arrow understands the importance of ensuring each child who attends camp is happy and enjoys their experience. Specific policies on all of the areas above are reviewed annually and provided to all coaching staff. Copies of any of our policies can be requested via email to Kerrie Lawler,

Other Questions

How are Coaches Selected?
Potential coaches are required to complete an online application form which outlines their previous playing and coaching experience, in addition to outlining any qualifications which may support their application and role as a coach.
All applications are reviewed by a team of England Lacrosse staff before appointments are made.

How do I apply to work on Triple Arrow Camps?
If you are interested in a coaching position on any of the Triple Arrow Camps please email Kerrie Lawler, who will be able to send
a link to the online application form.
Please note the deadline for Easter Applications is
Friday 22nd February and the deadline for Summer
Applications is Friday 19th April.